Thandy Matlaila joins the cast of The Queens

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Actress Thandy Matlaila is making waves on her journey as an Actress. The hot choreographer and entrepreneur’s on screen character “Cleo” debuted on Mzansi Magic’s The Queens on Wednesday evening. Cleopatra is Roy’s ride and die wife. She is a streetwise fast talker with a heart of gold. Everything about Cleo screams Township fabulous: She’s the Fabulous in Ghetto Fabulous, according to her.  She is loud and a straight talker, something her sister in law struggles to come to terms with, Boi. When we’re introduced to Cleo, we are made aware that Boi does not like her and thinks she’s too ghetto for her brother while Amo finds her hilarious and harmless.  Her background is yet to be revealed when she returns on our screens. Congratulations Thandy. We will be glued to our screens.

Do stay tuned in and catch The Queens on Mzansi Magic .

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