Thandy Matlaila lands a role on “Ambitions”

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Sibahle is Qhawe’s best friend, and the Agony Aunt at the newspaper (Umbuso)

Although she trained as a journalist, Sibahle quickly realised she was not cut out for life on the beat. She was too sensitive, taking every story to heart, and allowing her emotions to influence her reporting.Instead she finagled herself into the position of the newspaper agony aunt. Her agony aunt persona is no-nonsense, tell it like it is, and somewhat saucy. In real life however, she is softer and less ballsy. A loving wife and mother, she is fairly conservative, although not judgemental. She lives vicariously through Lebo, delighting in her romantic exploits, and journalistic adventures. However, she’s perfectly content with her own staid, predictable life.

Sibahle offers Qhawe a shoulder to cry on, and a sympathetic ear. Loyal and steadfast, she offers Qhawe support and Lebo turns to her when danger beckons.

Ambitions, a new thrilling local drama which touches on the political landscape of South Africa, will launch on Sunday, 1 July at 9PM on eExtra

Ambitions will be the first exclusive local show to premiere on the channel that has become a firm favourite for viewers.

Starring the talented and captivating Zikhona Bali as ambitious journalist Qhawe Ledwaba, and the legendary Mary Twala as Gogo Lizzie, Ambitions features top local talent including Kagiso Modupe, Nokhuthula Ledwaba, Yonda Thomas, Luzuko Nteleko, Peter Se-Puma and Thulani Khubeka.

Ambitions follows the journey of the young investigative journalist when she discovers that the displaced community of Supingstad is living in squalor on the back of broken promises by their government. She finds that the community has yet to receive the housing and facilities promised to them as compensation for their removal from their informal settlement, to make way for the building of a new clinic.

In the world of big business and ‘tenderpreneurship’, Qhawe knows there is more than meets the eye and sets out to uncover the story that will cement her career as an investigative journalist.

When the community is mobilised by its leaders, Gauteng’s Goliaths aim to crush them with threats, manipulation and murderous actions. However, Qhawe and the community are not such willing pushovers. Can they unite and defy, or will they quake under the fear and weight of these inglorious heavyweights?

Tune into the premiere of Ambitions from 1 July on at 9PM on eExtra on OpenView (Channel 105) and DStv (Channel 195). Repeats on Wednesdays at 9:30PM on eExtra.