Phindo celebrates his birthday in Black

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Still on the concept of bringing the North to the South and the South to experience the North, this time we celebrating a birthday of one of the members of the most successful music groups both locally and internationally called The Soil. Phindo a.k.a Masta P is an extraordinary beatboxer and photographer with a strong independent following on social. His birthday celebrations always boast the who’s who of Joburg social celebrity scene who keep his event abuzz coupled with electrified live performances and Djs keeping the patrons entertained.

The All Black Party is a movement of sophistication where all spheres of music, fashion, elegance and lifestyle come together to create a memorable ambiance. With over two years running, the brand has grown rapidly attracting a mature market with a feel for a elegance lifestyle.

This year, Masta P is all about collaboration. With the rapid growth and

developments of fresh venues, themes, and concepts, The All Black Party 2018 is bringing together the concept of The All Black Experience. The concept is a collaboration of the

cultures and races the event brings together. Furthermore it symbolises Unity and Pride among people who enjoy great quality entertainment as well as a feast of good food, company, music and a moment to unwinding.

The objective of the brand is to introduce a lifestyle that merges professionals, celebrities and people to enjoy an ambiance that speaks to them and their lifestyle, and how, if not through an extravagant movement that accommodates their way of leisure? Furthermore, he aims to penetrate the brand on a national scale through tours, hosting experiential events, brand mileage of partnership and celebrity nights.

The event is open to all who wish to attend and will be taking place Rooftop Lounge (3 Blueberry Street Honeydew) on 05 May 2018.